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  • Holistic Approach
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Through nurturing the transformative power of healing, our spiritual therapist empower individuals to embark on profound journeys of self-discovery, growth, and holistic well-being. Unlock your potential, heal, and grow with us.

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The Power of Healing for All

Gain positive transformation and control of your life

Get ready to unlock the power within, embrace spiritual healing, and witness the transformative magic that unfolds as your soul finds its path to wholeness and inner peace.


Discover your true self to awaken the energies within you


Transform your life through spirituality and embrace profound inner change

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Serenity Surrender Healer, Therapist & Teacher

Spiritual Healer In India

An airline professional whose journey into spiritual healing ignited a profound transformation, she as a healer therapist empowers others to overcome challenges and lead fulfilling lives through workshops and personal experiences.

Ritu Sharma, an airline professional, found solace in spiritual healing, overcoming her own fears and challenges. This personal journey ignited her passion for exploring the transformative power of healing and inspired her to delve deeper into its realms.

Driven by her own experiences, she embarked on a transformative journey gaining profound insights. Witnessing the positive impact of spiritual healing in her life, she felt compelled to share this gift with others, helping them move closer to their goals.

Today, with a mission to empower others in overcoming life's challenges, she conducts workshops and offers spiritual healing to help people regain control, find inner peace, and lead more fulfilling lives. Her relentless quest to help others continues to guide her.


Serenity Surrender Healer, Therapist & Teacher

Ritu Sharma

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Serenity Surrender Workshops

Serenity Surrender Children's Workshop

Specifically, designed for young people between the ages of 8.5 years to 15 years, this workshop enables them to experience harmony in relationships and deal with day to day situations

Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop

This workshop equips one to heal self and others for physical ailments, to understand relationships and experience harmony through them, to get an understanding of our clairsenses and activate them, to understand finance related conflicts, karma and how we can heal our repetitive karmic patterns and also transmute negative emotions. One also learns the powerful Serenity Surrender White Light Meditation which is very effective in calming us instantly.

Serenity Surrender Senior Citizen Basic Workshop

This workshop is for Senior citizens, and enables them to learn self healing in a very simple and effortless manner. It also helps them in coping with feelings of redundancy, illness and loneliness.

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Join Our Upcoming Workshop

Upcoming Workshop

3-Days Serenity Surrender Basic Children's Workshop

12th-15th June

  • 10:30 am - 3:0 pm
  • G-504, Som Vihar Apartments, opposite Sangam Courtyard, New Delhi-110022
Upcoming Workshop

6-Days Online workshop

6th, 7th, 13th, 14th, 20th, 21th June.

  • 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
  • G-504, Som Vihar Apartments, opposite Sangam Courtyard, New Delhi-110022

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Why attend our Workshop?

Empower Your Journey

Unlock your potential. Gain tools for self-discovery, growth, and healing.

Transformative Insights

Discover profound wisdom. Deepen your understanding of spiritual healing modalities.

Healing Connections

Connect with like-minded individuals. Build a supportive community on your healing path.

Practical Guidance

Receive practical guidance. Learn actionable techniques to integrate spiritual healing into your daily life.


Serenity Surrender

Serenity Surrender was started by Ms. Shivi Dua in 2010, and has impacted thousands of people to make a huge transformation in their lives. It is a very deep and vast modality, which gives us a deep understanding of so many aspects such as our relationships, parenting issues, gender issues, health issues and financial issues and the impact they have on our day to day lives. It brings us happiness and peace, and also a resolution of any conflict such that it happens in a way which is in our highest best. Hence, rather than seeing ourselves as the victim of our situations, we choose to take their ownership and responsibility; we feel empowered to handle them with grace. It also attunes us to our clairsenses, which results in us developing as well as being able to use our intuitive guidance in our day to day life. This healing modality helps us in experiencing a better sense of connection with those around us, and enables us to feel empowered and at peace.



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What is Healing Energies and what services do you provide?
At Healing Energies, we are committed to offering spiritual healing services, including karmic healing and past-life healing, to help individuals heal and find inner balance and clarity.
Spiritual healing is a holistic approach that addresses imbalances in the mind, body, and spirit. It can promote relaxation, emotional well-being, stress reduction, and a sense of inner peace and harmony.
Spiritual, karmic, and past-life healing modalities can be beneficial for individuals seeking personal growth, self-discovery, and emotional healing, regardless of their beliefs or background.

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What Our Beacons Say

I came across Serenity surrender healing modality two years back. I have taken my healing sessions with Ritu and I felt so connected to this healing. I could really see positive changes in my situations. Also, this healing has given me a new perspective to see my life. Ritu is so soft spoken, always calm and composed and ready to listen to us patiently. I have also done self healing workshops with her and I must say she is not only a wonderful healer but also a great mentor. I am really thankful to her 😊

I was introduced to SS healing by Ritu in 2021. This healing process made me aware of my belief system that I operate with and helped me gain a new perspective about myself and situations I am in. She had been a constant guide for me from the day one. She always listens with patience and empathy, and helps in recognizing the core issue of the matter. She encourages me to do self healing and always provides her insight whenever and wherever I am stuck. Her healing sessions and workshops leave you feeling calm and at peace with flow of life.

I joined SS when too many up downs were going on in my life and I was facing depression, also unable to understand what and where my life was taking me to. Even I left my interest in living also. I used to always be in self pity mode and blame others for making me suffer this hell. Then I attended SS workshop taken by my teacher and mentor Ritu Sharma. Who by her healing sessions made me understand that all suffering that we are going through is our own choice and some belief systems that we are carrying from so many past lives in our subconscious mind. Ritu helped me understand and embrace what I am blessed with. Every human being is powerful and can change the perspective of life positively or negatively it's a individual choice. I lost my father also at that time and I was unable to accept it , still Ritu through SS made me realize that it's a soul choice to leave this world as his life cycle and duties are complete in this world and have to start a new journey with new birth of soul and body. So I am very grateful to Universe and my teacher Ritu Sharma for showing me the right path how to live a life. Challenges are still there but our growth is also there due to new learning. Thank you Ritu and Serenity Surrender for being there in my life.

I have been attending Serenity Surrender workshops with Ritu from the past 3 years. Her guidance and way of communication makes you feel heard and understood. I really enjoy attending her meetups and workshops as it makes my spiritual journey effortless.

I had never been to a healer before. But I came to Ritu with faith, knowing that she has a pure heart and the noblest of intents.

I had developed a niggling pain in my left ankle which I blamed on the many sprains I had suffered. I requested Ritu to heal my pain, without knowing that there was an underlying reason that had followed me from my past lives. She was able to tell me why I had the pain, which dated back to a past life, and connected with my energies to let it go. It was a miracle, as I was rid of my pain after just one session!!I strongly recommend Ritu, as a healer, teacher and friend she is someone who can make a difference to anyone’s life.

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