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Serenity Surrender Workshops

Basic Workshops

Start Your Spiritual Journey

Serenity Surrender Children Basic Workshop

Specifically, designed for young people between the ages of 8.5 years to 15 years, this workshop enables them to experience harmony in relationships and deal with day to day situations

Serenity Surrender Basic Workshop

This workshop equips one to heal self and others for physical ailments, to understand relationships and experience harmony through them, to get an understanding of our clairsenses and activate them, to understand finance related conflicts, karma and how we can heal our repetitive karmic patterns and also transmute negative emotions. One also learns the powerful Serenity Surrender White Light Meditation which is very effective in calming us instantly.

Serenity Surrender Sr. Citizen Basic Workshop

This workshop is for Senior citizens, and enables them to learn self healing in a very simple and effortless manner. It also helps them in coping with feelings of redundancy, illness and loneliness.