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Breathe - Exhale your Toxins

Breathe is a new workshop created by Shivi Dua, based on her recent experiments with breathing.

We often carry immense emotional and mental stress. While we might be aware of some aspects of our life that cause stress, we generally also carry layers of stress that we are unaware of.

How we deal with our day to day lives and the major challenges of our lives keeps adding stress to our energies, and quite often we stay unaware of it till we develop a physical symptom, and a medical expert tells us that the reason behind the symptoms is our increased stress levels.

Since our energies are what manifest as our physical body, the emotional and mental stress we carry attracts physical toxins in our body, which starts affecting the working of our body, and we develop symptoms of a disease. Therefore, the toxins find their way into our system energetically even before they find their physical existence in our bodies.

The workshop will teach simple techniques that can help to stop the further accumulation of any more toxins in the mind and body. One can start releasing the toxins one already carries from the very first day of the workshop.

The workshop also enables living in the present moment more effortlessly, with a light and happy feeling. The workshop has the potential to improve sleep and allow one to live more relaxed.

Workshop Duration

This is an online workshop and will span across 3 consecutive weekends (Sat-Sun) or any two weekdays (e.g. Mon – Tue / Tue - Wed) for 3 consecutive weeks. On each of these 6 days, Shivi will be personally interacting with the participants for 2.5 - 3 hours. During the offline hours, the participants will be required to practice the techniques taught during online sessions, every day during the course of the workshop. This work can be done easily on any weekday/weekend.

Workshop Benefits

  • ♦ Decodes Stress
  • ♦ Teaches how one can release already created stress
  • ♦ Teaches how one can stop creating stress further
  • ♦ Leads one to live the present moment fully
  • ♦ Facilitates deep detoxification of the energies, mind, and body
  • ♦ Teaches techniques that can bring instantaneous relaxation
  • ♦ Teaches a breathing technique that enables one to experience lightness immediately
  • ♦ Enables one to sail through a difficult reality smoothly
  • ♦ Helps deal with:

    • ♦ Anxiety
    • ♦ Insomnia/Sleep Issues
    • ♦ Cravings
    • ♦ Poor concentration
    • ♦ Addictions
    • ♦ Persistent thoughts regarding a person or situation
    • ♦ Suffering through failures
    • ♦ Suffering due to unfulfilled desires
    • ♦ Repetitive urge to correct a particular past event
    • ♦ The misery of being unable to recreate a happy past
    • ♦ Suffering due to wrong choices made by you or another
    • ♦ Strained relationships
    • ♦ Aches and pains