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Ritu Sharma


Ritu Sharma

Serenity Surrender Healer, Therapist & Teacher
  • Phone:+917011687170
  • Email:[email protected]
  • Address Info:G 504, Som Vihar Apartments, opposite Sangam Courtyard, New Delhi-110022

About Ritu Shamra

I have been a hospitality and aviation professional for 27 years and started my healing journey about 7 years ago. I have conducted about 75 Serenity Surrender Workshops and numerous healing sessions to help my clients resolve their issues successfully .

How I can support:

  • 1. One on one healing sessions which can be conducted online or in person
  • 2. Space cleansing- If a person feels uncomfortable in the space where they live/work, a healing session can help clear the energies and make the area more positive
  • 3. Teaching healing: I conduct various workshops. One of them is the Serenity Surrender Basic workshop through which one can learn to heal themselves. Attending this workshop also brings about a shift in one’s energies. One does not need healing sessions from a healer anymore as one can learn to heal themselves, and even loved ones through this workshop. One can also experience the powerful Serenity Surrender white light meditation which brings about a lot of inner peace, love and joy. One can also learn to heal cuts, burns and wounds, resolve relationship conflicts, or conflicts related to health and finances as well as in the worksplace. This is a deeply transformative three day workshop.
  • 4. Workshops for children: between the ages of 8 and 15, which help them build self confidence, deal with fears and conflicts and also build harmonious relationships with friends, teachers and family members
  • 5. Workshops for Seniors-to help them cope with day to day ailments and feelings of loneliness as well as fears related to ageing.
  • 6. Insights into deep concepts: Beyond the three day Serenity Surrender Basic workshop, one can learn as well as heal themselves in many areas which not only bring about a deeper understanding about concepts but are also deeply transformative. One can understand themselves at a deeper level through workshops regarding gender such as the Harmonizing Feminine and Masculine Within, or the Elements, or other concepts such as Parenting. One can also get a grasp of how we experienced our journey as souls and heal patterns ingrained deeply within. Besides learning to heal oneself through the Basic Workshop, one can choose to recognise and learn about many concepts which define us not just at a personal level but also within the society. These profusely transformative workshops bring about inner peace and serenity and also help us in experiencing harmony within all our relationships. So besides helping in healing, these workshops are also interesting for those with a curious bent.

About Serenity Surrender

We all go through conflicts at various times of our life. Such conflicts could be related to our health, finances, relationships or career. They make us feel low, resentful, demoralised and lacking in confidence. We find it hard to accept the situation that we are facing, and feel stuck in it. Serenity Surrender facilitates our connection with our own energies, and gives us an understanding of why we have attracted the particular situation which we are struggling with. Getting an understanding not only brings us peace , but also helps us let go of our need to change or alter the situation, and thus releases all control we may have created over the situation, in trying to alter or amend it. This makes it easier for us to accept the situation. By doing so, we allow our energies to move in the direction which is in our highest best. The result is happiness and peace, and also a resolution of the situation such that it happens in a way which is in our highest best. Hence, rather than seeing ourselves as the victim of our situations, we choose to take their ownership and responsibility ; we feel empowered to handle them with grace. It also attunes us to our clairsenses, which results in us developing as well as being able to use our intuitive guidance in our day to day life. This healing modality helps us in experiencing a better sense of connection with those around us, and enables us to feel empowered and at peace.

Serenity Surrender was started by Ms. Shivi Dua in 2010, and has impacted thousands of people to make a huge transformation in their lives. It is a very deep and vast modality, which gives us a good understanding of so many aspects of our life such as our mate and other relationships, parenting issues, gender issues as well as the elements and the impact they have on our day to day lives. Through healing sessions or Serenity Surrender workshops which also include the powerful White Light Meditation, one must go through the Serenity Surrender experience to feel a deep inner as well as outer transformation.

How Serenity Surrender benefits you?

  • 1. Changed perceptions
  • 2. Inner Transformation
  • 3. One can experience ease in dealing with any situation

What does an SS healing help with?

  • 1. In case of an inner conflict, a relationship, health or job related concern
  • 2. Support in case of fears, phobias, depression and mental illnesses
  • 3. Space clearing- If a person feels uncomfortable in their home or personal space and drained of their energies
  • 4. Helps cope with bereavement and feelings of grief following the loss of loved ones.
  • 5. Building confidence in case one is apprehensive about any future events such as a wedding, or event.
  • 6. Coping with financial issues
  • 7. Knowing the root cause of their issue.